iPhone XR Repair in Van Nuys

Glass Only iPhone XR (iPhone 10R) LCD Display & Glass Screen Repair in Van Nuys,CA (Original Refurbished Parts – For Phones With Original Functioning Screen With Cracked Glass) $130
LCD & Glass iPhone XR (iPhone 10R) LCD Display & Glass Screen Repair in Van Nuys,CA (Original Refurbished Parts – For Phones With Bad Display/ Distorted Image or Non-Functioning Touch Screen) $130
Charging Port iPhone XR (iPhone 10R) Charging Port Repair in Van Nuys,CA $75
Battery Repair iPhone XR (iPhone 10R) Plus Battery Replacement in Van Nuys, CA $75
Power Button iPhone XR (iPhone 10R) Plus Power Button Repair in Van Nuys,CA $75
Volume Button iPhone  XR (iPhone 10R) Volume Button Repair in Van Nuys,CA $75
Back Camera iPhone  XR (iPhone 10R) Main Rear Back Camera Repair in Van Nuys,CA $100
Front Face Camera iPhone  XR (iPhone 10R) Front Facetime Camera Repair in Van Nuys,CA $100
Diagnostic Service iPhone  XR (iPhone 10R) Diagnostic Service in Van Nuys,CA Free
Water Damage iPhone  XR (iPhone 10R) Water Damage Repair in Van Nuys,CA
Repair price does not include new LCD Display if needed.
There is a 25$ non refundable fee if repair is unsuccessful.