iPhone XS Repair in Van Nuys

Glass Only iPhone XS (iPhone 10S) OLED Display & Glass Screen Repair in Van Nuys,CA (After Market Parts – For Phones With Original Functioning Screen With Cracked Glass) $150
LCD & Glass iPhone XS (iPhone 10S) OLED Display & Glass Screen Repair in Van Nuys,CA (After Market Parts – For Phones With Bad Display/ Distorted Image or Non-Functioning Touch Screen) $200
Charging Port iPhone XS (iPhone 10S) Charging Port Repair in Van Nuys,CA $100
Battery Repair iPhone XS (iPhone 10S) Battery Replacement in Van Nuys, CA $125
Power Button iPhone XS (iPhone 10S) Power Button Repair in Van Nuys,CA $100
Volume Button iPhone  XS (iPhone 10S) Volume Button Repair in Van Nuys,CA $100
Back Camera iPhone  XS (iPhone 10S) Main Rear Back Camera Repair in Van Nuys,CA $150
Front Face Camera iPhone  XS (iPhone 10S) Front Facetime Camera Repair in Van Nuys,CA $150
Diagnostic Service iPhone  XS (iPhone 10S) Diagnostic Service in Van Nuys,CA $25
Water Damage iPhone  XS (iPhone 10S) Water Damage Repair in Van Nuys,CA
Repair price does not include new oLED Display if needed.
There is a 25$ non refundable fee if repair is unsuccessful.